Most of the physicians usually describe the issue of patient engagement towards them. Patient engagement can be increased by leveraging technology for patient care. Patients do want to be healthy but because of difficult appointment procedure and prolonged waiting times, they don’t make appointments. CloudPital Hospital Management Software provides patient portal that provides the opportunity to enhance your patient engagement.

Making and Keeping Appointments

The first step to enhance patient engagement is to ensure that it is easy for patients to make appointments and get treated on time. People have become highly habitual of managing their lives from their digital gadgets. It’s extremely inconvenient for patients to make appointments just by call during office hours.  Still most of the doctors don’t provide online appointment services for their patients. But the ones who do, patient are more convenient to visit them.

Of course it is significant to keep appointments, and a system is required to make alerts for missed or upcoming appointments and physicians can fill their calendar in a better way. The key is to treat patients in the way they like to be treated.

Connecting between appointments

The second way, technology can enhance patient engagement is by providing an easy access to patient portal of your hospital software for patients. Patients like to have access to their medical information as well as an easy communication with their specialist to get to know about the care quality they are being provided. An easy appointment scheduling makes them come to you for regular checkups thus the patient satisfaction is also increased.

Undoubtedly patient portals are being adopted by many healthcare associations because of its inclusion in EMR software, still there is a very low percentage of people who know about it or have access to it. A recent survey provided statistics of people and their reviews about patient portal. More than 35% people don’t even know about the patient portal and 31% people said, their physicians never talked about any such system. Amazingly rest of the people, who use patient portal, are more concerned about their health care and interested in knowing more about the healthcare services they are getting since they got access to the portal.

These statistics clearly identify the need of patient portal in medical practice. CloudPital hospital management software provides an inclusive patient portal for the better management and enhanced patient experience of your hospital.

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