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It offers its users essential MicroStrategy potential through business analysis, so that they can take advantage of business opportunities through a single platform for the business. The company today announced the availability of MicroStrategy, which allows users to analyze business, mobility and other things on the Internet, and to facilitate the use of automated learning.

MicroStrategy  also includes a new exposure of custom data connectors and panels for improved color perception of data. The new exhibit can create custom connector institutions for virtually any data source, allowing them to access data sources that are not available outside the box. Institutions will also have access to a set of APIs so you can create almost any data connector, will also have a large SDK package to support API data for connector applications.

In addition to the Microstrategy Consulting services in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan release, the company announced that the MicroStrategy Patch 4 is generally available to customers. Last update includes the fix for about 200 critical improvements and reforms across the platform, and improve product stability, according to the company.

How to Get Latest Microstrategy Consulting services in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan?

Advantages and Disadvantages

All options have their advantages and are suitable for specific situations. You must think of the way that meets your needs.


  1. The external table to maintain the state of loading is not required. The dependency between the ETL and MicroStrategy loads is controlled by the scheduler itself.
  2. Credits can be configured to run reports based on a series of events instead of full load complete events.
  3. An on-demand report implementation of a schedule can be performed by running the Command Manager script.
  4. This method provides good scalability. The Hadoop Consulting Services in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan organization can schedule any number of scheduled reports. We only need to define the dependencies between the reports in the planner.


  1. Do not wait for the Command Manager script until the task is complete. The success signal is sent as soon as the trigger is sent, so that the dependency between the reports cannot be set.

MicroStrategy Pre and Post SQL execution


  1. Reports can be executed as soon as the selected tables are loaded, it is not necessary to wait until all the tables have been completed.
  2. Historical loading times for ETL tables can be tracked if needed by adding an additional field in the table to capture load times. This is useful for checking.


  1. An additional table is needed to track the download information of the data warehouse.
  2. Conscious awareness is not possible. Multiple reports can run at the same time, increasing the load on the server and reducing performance.
  3. Report tables based on a series of events are not possible.

The organization has benefited greatly from this implementation. In addition to preventing the sending of partial and dangerous information to the department, we were able to better see and control the management of the reports. The arrangement was also extensible, adding new tables requiring only a new condition added to the dependency in the planner.

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