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Reporting of organization’s essential data is useful to represent data in graphical form. Business Intelligence tool is a way to transform data into reports and dashboards. For Big Data analysis and storage in large companies implements complete BI solutions. They also need trainings and consultancy for end users.

bilytica has many BI Conulting Services in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan for different types of software such as Cognos, Taradata, Microstrategy, Tableau and so on.

Benefits of Microstrategy Services:

Like Most of trainings in BI, bilytica has consultants and experts in Microstrategy Services in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan that covers all of your concerns and gives end to end user experiences. In Microstrategy BI case we provide services here are five directions such as:

  • Increase productivity of company and cost effectiveness
  • Strong customer relationship capabilities
  • Deeper insight into business strategies and business opportunities forecasting
  • Optimization to generate high growth of revenues
  • Monitoring of data coming from different resources and discover anomalies faster

What covers by our Microstrategy BI Services?

Our Services offers following things:

  • Strategic Visions, planning, scoping and development of business cases
  • Score Card development and implementation, with relevant performance indicators (Microstrategy BI Platform KPIs)
  • Migration of predefined processes, accelerators and templates from existing BI platform to Microstrategy BI Platform
  • Migration of infrastructure with streamline and structured processes to other environments including Cloud
  • Readiness of applications on test cloud and systems that are ready for migrations
  • Planning and Designing of architecture to make sure performance, availability and scalability.
  • Scalability of schema, database modeling and designing
  • Deployment and training
  • Provide complete security architecture designing, development and planning of training

In addition to this our services includes BI trainings on Mobile:

  • Design and development processes with mobile App development
  • Trained experts of data visualization specifically for Apple interface (iPhone, iPad, etc)
  • Custom visualization for iPad to display complex data analytics
  • QA methodology for microstrategy Mobile apps
Request Free demo:
Mobile#: 923333331225
Email: sales@bilytica.com


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